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Plan Group, the Canadian subsidiary of Bouygues Construction’s Energy & Services division, has launched “The Boardroom TV show”. This show on innovative projects offers employees the opportunity to shape and transform the company by giving them a seat at the management table.

Individually or in teams, Plan Group employees present their innovative project to the board of directors, who decide live on its relevance for the company.

The concept, inspired by a reality TV programme in which entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists for possible financing, is divided into several episodes.

This annual event has been broadcast live to all employees and is now available to all on youtube.

Discover the first episodes here!


Episode 1 : Seamless integration : Yumna Nasir presents her innovative idea of Seamless Integration. Will she get a seat at the table? Click that play button to find out.

EEpisode 2 : Project Alice : Calin Vaida tells the Board all about his plans to reduce what our team in ECS refers to as “over clicking syndrome”. What’s that, you ask? You’ll have to watch this episode to find out.

Episode 3 : Walk a wile. This week, Service Technician Anthony Olugbenga, takes his shot at getting a seat at the table with Walk A Mile—his innovative idea for implementing a company-wide job shadowing program

Episode 4 : OnBoard This week, HR Business Partner, Natalie DeRose are teaming up with Yumna Nassir to pitch their idea for elevating the Onboarding experience at Plan Group.


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