Decarbonisation: discover green heat with Johannes Schrüfer

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EdenMag, the Eden Association’s magazine on energy and environmental issues, featured Johannes Schrüfer, solar solutions leader for Kraftanlagen, a German company in Bouygues Construction’s Energy & Services division. In the December 2020 issue, Johannes Schrüfer shares his expertise on the topic of “green heat”. But what actually is green heat?

“Green heat is a technology that decarbonises the heat produced by industry and thereby reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is a key factor in achieving carbon neutrality”

explains Johannes Schrüfer

As the decarbonisation of industrial heat has become mandatory in the European Union, Kraftanlagen offers a Green Heat Module (GHM) that links the needs of industry with renewable energies. Among other things, this module makes it possible to:

green heat module

Innovative technology to decarbonise industrial heat

In France, GHM is linked to solar power – especially in the South – and offshore wind power. This module is of increasing interest to customers, including desalination plants and industries using energy and heat. Its installation cost is currently lower than other solutions, making it attractive.

Industrial companies now have a range of solutions to decarbonise their businesses, from hydrogen to this green heat module.To find out more, see the article on green heat in the latest issue of EdenMag on pages 34-35

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