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Digital Construction Week
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Jonathan Jones, BIM Manager at Bouygues Energies & Services, spoke to us at Digital Construction Week in the UK in May. We took part in this event dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing and operation to present our work on the B.O.S (Building Operating System).

Jonathan, how would you describe the B.O.S in a few words?

It’s a building management system that horizontally connects all building services. A middleware platform acts as a link between the building’s internal equipment and external applications. The B.O.S. streamlines and bilaterally shares information flows between traditional building service management systems and devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) on the one hand, and the business platform/software service applications on the other.

How is Bouygues Energies & Services UK involved in this work?

We have collaborated with several partners (software, engineering and UX/UI developers) to create a versatile and dynamic solution that can be adapted to all customer sectors. This allows customers not only to monitor their assets but also to develop new services based on data from their own installations. Freeing customers from ties to a particular ecosystem or set-up allows much greater scope for platform/software providers.

What are the advantages of the B.O.S.?

Mainly flexibility and a simple, unified user experience. The centralised platform provides operators with real-time visibility over functionalities. This enables more informed and effective decision making, particularly when it comes to improving or fine-tuning the building’s performance. Our customers are not buying a closed solution, they are buying a methodology with a wide range of possibilities.

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Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones is BIM Manager for Bouygues Energies & Services as well as UK R&D Project Manager. He is responsible for managing change and implementing BIM workflows in FM operations, as well as R&D strategy and PoC (proof of concept) development in building operating systems and digital clones. He is known for championing flexible, dynamic solutions based on open source development principles to provide practical, high-impact solutions that increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.

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