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It’s here! The OnDijon app, co-designed by Dijon Métropole and the business consortium comprising Bouygues Energies & Services and Citélum, and partners Suez and Capgémini, was launched on the Apple and Google Play stores at the end of October 2021, by Dijon Métropole. Having already launched France’s first “connected region” in 2019, the City of Dijon continues to innovate by involving its inhabitants within this latest Smart City project.

Resident involvement

The app’s two-year development notably involved the citizens of Dijon themselves, after issuing a call for volunteers to take part in the app’s final testing phase. This call met with a considerable degree of interest and engagement among the city’s inhabitants, with more than 1,500 answering present. In the end, some 180 Dijon citizens were selected, based on very distinct profiles (age, district of residence, profession, etc.), to take part in these tests.

What does the app look like?

Within the same interface, the app compiles information about the city’s services and facilities (administrative procedures, mobility, extra-curricular services, useful phone numbers, etc.), while allowing citizens to issue various alerts. These alerts can be sent directly via the app before being subsequently processed by the city’s teams.

They might concern issues such as faulty street lighting, defective traffic signals, road maintenance, street cleanliness, or damaged street furniture. Users can very quickly send their alerts via a geopositioning system, giving a brief description and even attaching a photo. In line with the city’s policy for resident involvement, priority is also given to ensuring transparent handling of requests and intervention follow-up. Accordingly, whistleblowers are notified of the actions resulting from their request or alert in real time.

app ondijon
Application citoyenne OnDijon

”The app puts the people of Dijon at the heart of their city’s civic life. They become the daily actors and ambassadors of better living together in Dijon. At Bouygues Energies & Services, we seek to sustainably collaborate with local authorities and support them in the many challenges they face for transforming their regions”,

says Etienne Dumas, OnDijon Project Director with Bouygues Energies & Services.

How does the app work?

When a user issues an alert, it is categorised by the OnDijon notification centre and forwarded to the relevant department in charge. To date, around ten alerts are recorded every day. Via this pioneering approach, the Burgundy capital allows its 260,000 inhabitants to play an active role in modernising and enhancing the attractiveness of their city.

Download the app to find out more.

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Download OnDijon with the QR code

The OnDijon project in brief

This app was launched in the scope of France’s first Smart City project, initiated in 2019 with the deployment of the connected control room. It centralises the region’s various players: municipal police, urban supervisory centre (CSU), city telephone portal, tram and bus mobility operator, and the OnDijon control centre, which oversees interventions in the public domain. Accordingly, all public facilities – video protection, street lighting, traffic signals, city centre access points – are connected to this single control room and controlled remotely in real time.

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