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The carbon emissions related to the construction industry’s high energy consumption and resource use are considerable.
Bouygues Energies & Services UK is on a mission to support our clients to reach Net Zero and drive down our own carbon emissions. To make this a reality, Bouygues Energies & Services UK sites are exploring an energy efficiency solution called Gaia Automate.

Innovative Solution

Gaia Automate leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and motion sensor software to identify, monitor, and reduce the power consumption of construction sites. The solution can be retrofitted to any site power source, new or existing, to pinpoint specific areas across sites consuming disproportionate energy and to divert this unnecessary power away from non-critical loads. Power is then supplied only where and when required.
Thanks to this solution we will be able to achieve our carbon-reduction targets by maximising site efficiency and lowering emissions.

How does it work

After installation sensors, and time sequencing software monitor the power consumption and fuel usage of the site for one week. The sensors monitor things as seemingly trivial as internal cabin temperature, opening of doors and windows, and air quality, and can draw in data from local weather stations and shift patterns to support its readings!
After one week’s monitoring Gaia Automate identifies potential savings by area before proceeding to delivering energy efficiencies by automatically reducing HVAC demand. Typically, this is done through switching non-critical loads (i.e. heating and air conditioning) and implementing peak shaving, such as switching off heaters during a pick-up event or creating sequencing patterns to turn lights off in accordance with shift patterns. Although the site manager can override these selections, this all happens without the need for manual intervention.

Client benefits

By using AI we can identify and realise savings:

Key figures

Llanwern Solar Farm is the largest subsidy-free solar scheme in the UK. The farm consists of over 187,500 solar modules spanning 300 acres. Thanks to Gaia Automate, it was able to achieve remarkable savings:

To see how much your site could save on energy each week with Gaia AutoMate, you can use this calculator here.

Maturity level

Level 1: Proof of concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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