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Artificial Intelligence
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The digital transformation of our communities is well underway, with cities and regions increasingly investing in connectivity, and private customers rushing to upgrade to fibreoptics. Axione, a Bouygues Energies & Services company, installs and maintains fibreoptics networks across France and the UK. One of their key challenges is maintaining fibre cabinets in good order: in other words, ensuring that different network operators and their technicians do not cross wires, literally.

Innovative Solution

However, the greatest challenge is posed by sheer numbers: tens of thousands of cabinets must be monitored for performance across France alone. Axione, in partnership with a local startup, developed an innovative solution: applying an artificial intelligence algorithm to visually identify problems based on photos of fibreoptics cabinets taken by each technician before and after their interventions.

The process is simple: the technician opens the cabinet, takes a photo and uploads it to a cyber-secure platform, where it is analysed by AI and compared to a database of images collected over the past two years. Visual analysis allows the AI to ‘sound the alarm’ in the case of fibreoptics cabinets that present issues and triggers an intervention.

Client Benefits

First and foremost, the end users of fibreoptics networks benefit directly from this solution: network disruptions are minimised, and connectivity improved, whether for business or private use.

Secondly, regions benefit from their enhanced connectivity, which translates into a strong argument to attract new businesses and even residents working remotely, and therefore reliant on high-speed internet.

Last but not least, Axione can deliver effective and efficient services to its end customers, network operators, businesses and regions alike.

Key Figures

90% : accuracy level attained by the AI in visual identification of issues after a year of training

Maturity Level

Level 1 : Proof of Concept or lab test

Level 2: Tested under real life conditions

Level 3: Commercial solution

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