Best of both worlds : Augmented Reality brings BIM model to life at Centrale Supelec

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Building maintenance is an ongoing challenge: the comfort of end users depends directly on the decisions made by builders long beforehand, with facility managers like Bouygues Energies & Services keen to maximise user-friendliness whilst maintaining a cap on client spending. Operational efficiency is key: minimising the time required to to track down information and diagnose problems helps our teams speed up interventions and deliver a high-quality experience to end users.

Innovative Solution

Our Centrale Supelec buildings maintenance team developed an innovative solution to cut down intervention time: combining the BIM model with Hololens headsets in order to provide accurate information on all systems in the building.

The BIM model, initially provided by the builders, was checked for accuracy, and improved onsite before being uploaded to the Hololens platform. Tests were then performed to ensure the accuracy of the augmented reality projections within the building, with our technicians and engineers both contributing to the design of the final solution.

Client and User Benefits

The owners and operators of the building now benefit from rapid resolution of issues, with technicians onsite able to identify the causes and quickly intervene; this is in stark contrast to the analogue age, when the process would have included checking several paper records in order to track down the root causes of an issue.

Students and faculty present daily benefit from higher comfort levels, with facilities well maintained and available round the clock.

Last but not least, our technicians are able to better organise their day and interventions whilst minimising the time previously spent locating information.

Key Figures

15-meter radius: the level of accuracy in model display achieved during movement whilst wearing the Hololens.

Maturity Level

Level 1 : Proof of Concept or lab test

Level 2: Tested under real life conditions

Level 3: Commercial solution

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