BIM meets Robotics

Bouygues Energies & Services Switzerland has partnered with robotics expert Hilti to design an end-to-end approach to drilling in prefab buildings: a smart robot which uses BIM plans to drill during construction and maintenance.

HILTI robot
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Oftentimes Building Information Modelling (BIM) remains a stand-alone process of planning, executing and maintaining prefabricated structures, rather than being combined with other innovative solutions such as robotics. The promoter, builder and manager of a site therefore gains efficiency and time via separate solutions: BIM on one hand, and niche robotics on the other, without the overall benefits of an end-to-end solution.

Innovative Solution

In order to maximize innovation ROI across several fields, our Swiss team partnered with robotics designer and manufacturer Hilti in order to connect BIM designs of prefabricated structures to robot usage for drilling. The result: a robot which brings efficiency to drilling in prefab structures, and which functions autonomously based on accurate designs, delivering time and cost efficiency.

This collaboration across prefab production, BIM modelling and robotics is a first on the Swiss market.

Client and User Benefits

The collaboration between Bouygues Energies & Services Switzerland and Hilti is ongoing for Uptown Basel, delivering time and cost efficiencies along with higher certainty of project delivery deadlines.

The feedback to this innovative combination of BIM and robotics has been extremely positive.

Maturity Level

Level 1: Proof of Concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real-life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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