Industry 4.0 : Cobots and technicians on the manufacturing line

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Palletisation marks the transition between the manufacturing line and the delivery process. It is also one of the most difficult areas for robotisation: available market options are limited to robots capable of lifting large pallets well-suited to certain heavy industries but not to small-size packages. Safety requirements further complicate matters since palletising robots are designed to work in isolation from human technicians.

Innovative Solution

Our Robotics team in France has designed an alternative to large-scale palletising robots: smaller size collaborative robots – in other words, cobots – which do not need to be isolated from technicians but instead work together with them. The cobot design was done in collaboration with a long-term client and global leader in the cosmetics industry who sought to improve speed and decrease the number of incidents involving pallets.

Client Benefits

The cobot delivers two key benefits: an increase in the number of pallets which can be safely moved from manufacturing to the delivery line, as well as support for technicians monitoring the process.

The cobot’s design ensures that safety and security remain top of mind for technicians, who can collaborate and intervene when required.

What are the advantages of this new collaborative robot ?

Key Figures

Maturity Level

Level 1 : Proof of Concept or lab test

Level 2: Tested under real life conditions

Level 3: Commercial solution

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