Mobile showroom to illustrate the BIM method

BIM Container
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BIM/VDC is a holistic approach across the entire lifecycle and all phases of a structure or site, which chang-es previous processes and “ways of thinking”. Alongside digitisation and collaboration, the BIM method is used to create new opportunities and processes. Competencies have to be steadily acquired and proven, as much is still not established and being tested. This as a clear and impressive way of demonstrating these topics and our BIM competence. We understand BIM and wish to communicate this to our customers and partners in a constructive way. BIM/VDC opens up new opportunities for us in the market.

Innovative Solution

The mobile showroom (container), which includes a fixed installation of a Multitec (sub)module weighing about 800 kg, is composed of modular Multitec prefabricated materials. This module can give an impressive and clear picture of how the BIM method/VDC can be used to increase efficiency and quality during the construction process and optimise resources, illustrate how existing processes can be changed and new ones defined and created.
Examples of added value associated with BIM/VDC, such as less information loss, transparency during col-laborations, early fault recognition, planning and cost security, etc., can be feasibly determined. The show-room has an integrated monitor with basic presentations on BIM/VDC and our digital solutions, such as laser measurement, drilling robot, drone scan, etc., which fully illustrate our expertise.

BIM Container
Mobile BIM Showroom

Client Benefits

The flexibility – i.e. mobility – of our solution enables us to impressively and clearly demonstrate our compe-tence and expertise at a particular event, be it a trade fair, event, customer meeting or regional site visit. The installed sub-module with its use of graphics provides the impetus for discussions on various aspects of the topics – in theory and in practice – and thus provides the customer with greater understanding.

Maturity Level

Level 1: Proof of concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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