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Facility Management
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Since the spread of remote working, employees’ expectations have changed: they want a workspace as comfortable as their homes, functional and built for human interaction, and whose sustainable practices reflect their own values.
Meanwhile, our clients are being asked by multiple stakeholders to adapt their sites to new ways of working while meeting their company’s requirements (for example the LOM law in France, the tertiary decree and RE2020, CSR requirements and more).


Our Service Innovation and Customer Experience team has developed Parcours FM (Facility Management): an innovative and customised approach focused on employee well-being.

Parcours FM

How it works

Client benefits

Our customised approach and these innovative solutions aim to:

Key figures

20% of the spaces account for 80% of irritants and this is what we focus on: meeting rooms, coffee machines, toilets, etc.

Maturity level

Level 1: Proof of concept or laboratory test
Level 2: Tested in real conditions
Level 3 : Commercial solution

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