Reinventing the office experience: virtual reception services

The office of the future is a unique brand experience for visitors and employees alike. Our Swiss team is helping clients reimagine their office buildings and seamlessly connect virtual reception services with physical spaces.

Virtual Reception Services
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Advances in communication and building management technology have prompted a need to reinvent the office experience for both workers and visitors. The recent pandemic has further accelerated this trend, with companies increasingly seeking to redesign interactions, processes and spaces to fit the new reality. BYES, a leader in Facility Management and ICT Solutions in Switzerland, has been at the forefront of developing new solutions for clients seeking to optimize digital building management infrastructures and offer a blended experience to their visitors, mixing the best of the digital world with a human touch. 

Innovative Solution 

Experts from the ICT Services and Facility Management business units of BYES Switzerland developed together a solution for digital reception services, currently being piloted at Block 22. The solution, inspired by a new design of the physical space – combinate an added value to a manned reception or as a solution for unmanned reception -blends a highly flexible enterprise platform with CRM and ERP systems already used in-house to deliver an end-to-end experience for visitors. From meeting booking to room availability check, including a live video chat function and messaging, the platform seamlessly connects visitors to their enterprise contacts, ensures a warm welcome and strengthens security, health and safety protocols via information provided during the booking process and personalized QR access codes.

Virtual Reception Services

Client and User Benefits

BYES Intec’s virtual reception services offer clients a wide range of benefits: from a seamless digital-to-physical experience for visitors to enhanced safety and security standards and considerable time and cost savings. The solution’s advantages include a highly flexible IT infrastructure compatible with CRM, ERP and building management solutions, considerably shortening implementation time and minimizing integration costs.

End users benefit from this solution directly: employees have access to a streamlined process to organize meetings and site visits, whilst visitors get a highly tailored experience before, during and after their visit.

Virtual Reception Services

Key Figures

Preliminary data indicate considerable time and cost savings following the implementation of the solution, with limited capex expenditure required.

Maturity Level

Level 1 : Proof of Concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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