Turning Street Lighting Data to Insights for Smarter Cities

Analysing street lighting data
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Cities of all sizes are confronted with a considerable challenge: adapting services to evolving inhabitant needs and requirements within the confines of limited budgets. Data can help by providing insights into the inhabitants’ actual behaviours and evolving trends; to do so, however, it must be collected, analysed and used to co-create new solutions.

Innovative Solution

Our French experts have developed a new way of collecting and analysing street lighting data, combined with other open sources, in order to reveal points of improvement in energy usage, space redesign and energy budget management.

How It Works

A mobile unit replaces manual measurements of public lighting use, collecting in a single evening data that would have previously required weeks to compile. Our analysists subsequently map this data to the city’s geography lightning quality, combining it with other environmental sources. It can then be used to inform decisions on investment and energy usage.

Client Benefits

Clients mention a variety of benefits related to the solution:

Key Figures

Maturity Level

Level 1 : Proof of Concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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