Streamlining inventory management on industrial sites via geolocation data

Industrial sites, given their sheer size and complexity, pose a challenge for inventory management.

Wood construction site
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Tracking down equipment across large areas is often wrought with difficulties, particularly for small-scale items which are often shared and reused. Consequently, inventory costs, both in terms of equipment maintenance and time, are negatively impacted.

One of France’s largest industrial groups identified the need for better inventory management practices for lifting gear used on one of their major sites.

Innovative Solution

BYES collaborated closely with the client and with Omniscient, a digital start-up incubated by our sister company Bouygues Construction, to co-design and implement a solution to this challenge. Lifting gear is monitored via onsite BLE receptors accurate within a 15-meter range; data from the receptors is centralized and monitored via a web platform which displays live information for equipment location, along with maintenance records.

Client Benefits

This hybrid solution combining onsite receptors and a digital analytics platform ensures 24/7 accurate information on equipment location and usage, enabling the client to maximize usage, avoid shortages and accurately plan maintenance for their lifting gear on the industrial site. Consequently, time spent on inventory management and costs related to equipment are minimized whilst compliance with safety regulations is increased.

Key Figures

Preliminary data indicate a 90% drop in time spent on equipment tracking onsite, along with higher levels of satisfaction amongst site workers and inventory managers.

drop in time spent on equipment tracking onsite

Maturity Level

Level 1 : Proof of concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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