Urban hypervisor to pilot OnDijon’s smart city

OnDijon is an innovative Smart City project based on an urban hypervisor: a 100% connected platform that controls and monitors all the equipment in the Dijon area ( 24 districts and 260,000 inhabitants) from a single location, from public lighting to traffic lights, tram traffic control, water network management and citizen safety.

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To build more sustainable, connected, inclusive and appealing regions, to meet the expectations of their constituents and to better manage their assets, local authorities are developing ever smarter city projects. At the heart of these initiatives is the real-time collection and transmission of data. The Smart City vision has become a reality in Dijon, which wanted to better oversee the management of its public space.

Innovative Solution

A Connected Control Station (CCS), the brain of the intelligent city, gathers all the data from the city’s services on the same software platform, as well as from the 269 video security and traffic cameras, and from the sensors on the traffic lights, bollards and other lampposts.
In the event of a malfunction or incident, the faulty equipment automatically signals the hypervisor to trigger a check. The system is designed to make it easier to diagnose faults on the network and to expedite and improve the coordination of maintenance work.
Housed in a 1,200 sqm unit, the connected control room holds 50 people and enables:



This centralised management of city facilities is more effective, especially in times of crisis, and it:

As well as better coordinating nearby services and improving security, the OnDijon project will achieve 65% energy savings.

Key figures

Maturity level

Level 1: Proof of Concept or lab test
Level 2: Tested under real life conditions
Level 3: Commercial solution

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