Shared Innovation

Who are we?

A global leader in the areas of digital transformation and energy transition across regions, industries and buildings, the Energies & Services Division is an engine of sustainable growth for Bouygues Construction. The Division encompasses the activities of Bouygues Energies & Services, Kraftanlagen, Plan Group, Bouygues Energies & Services Intec and Axione.

The core activities of the Energies & Services Division are centred in its home markets of France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and Romania, with 21 000 employees serving clients across these countries as well as supporting projects in Africa and Asia-Pacific. Our teams manage projects across the globe, from Vietnam to Africa.

R&D and Innovation within the Energies & Services Division

The prosperity of the world we live in today, and especially tomorrow, will depend on our ability to make energy, data, services and people flow more effectively. Looking after these essential resources is the purpose of the Energy and Services division of the Bouygues Construction Group. Industry-agnostic and present across the globe, we share a common mission: taking care of our world by making the essentials of tomorrow go further.

To support a smooth energy transition and accelerate an effective digital transformation, we act as one team with our clients, building and taking care of their strategic assets: infrastructures, industries, cities and buildings. Together, we help create a more effective, resilient world where people and organisations thrive and live better.

Our clients are not only our inspiration for research, development and innovation, but also our partners in co-creating solutions which respond to existing and emerging business and societal challenges. We act as architects of tomorrow, starting from our clients’ needs, and bringing to the mix technical expertise, creativity and understanding of local markets to build solutions that add value sustainably. Whilst some of our innovations are ground-breaking, including bets on hydrogen and smart cities, much of our positive impact rests on incremental change. Our teams are continuously striving to improve the way we design, deliver and monitor our solutions, fostering a culture of shared innovation of which we are proud.