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Shared Innovation is all about practice: dialogue, practical innovation and collaborative solution development combine in a virtuous cycle across our Energies & Services Division and our broader network of partners. Our innovation culture is at the basis of our performance: we continue to share best practices and knowledge, offering colleagues worldwide access to training, coaching and financial support for innovations aligned to our strategy and, most importantly, for solutions which deliver measurable satisfaction to our clients.

Over the past years our efforts of building and maintaining a culture that combines entrepreneurship, technical acumen and team spirit have been rewarded with a series of cutting-edge projects: Connected Care, Smart City Dijon and the Solar Tower, amongst others.

Our research, development and innovation pipeline includes three categories of projects showcased on these pages: proofs of concept, pre-industrialised solutions, and industrialised solutions. All our projects around the world are available on this interactive map. We continue to refresh our pipeline and welcome ideas from our ecosystem.