Shared Innovation starts with dialogue, yet it comes to life through experimentation and rigorous validation. Our innovation team, in close collaboration with our global network of innovation ambassadors, supports the development of new solutions via two key pathways reliant on common foundations:

Two main innovation and solution development tracks are available in addition to financial support and personalised coaching: Smart Melody, our landmark innovation program, and our Acceleration programs.

Smart Melody: moving to the beat of innovation

Our landmark innovation development program, Smart Melody, was launched in 2018 and is now on its third season. Each year the program brings together close to a dozen project teams working to develop innovative solutions. Smart Melody enables the success of participants via a well-defined structure, rich innovation toolkit including training and coaching options, as well as external expert interventions.

Throughout a one-year initiative, Energies & Services team members from around the world come together to develop ideas that hold the potential for large-scale change: from co-creating Agile offices in the post-covid-19 world to Green Power on Demand, and from predictive maintenance via IoT to digital twin creation and management for existing building structures.

Smart Melody brings together a wide range of innovation methodologies in an agile program structure. The program combines a first phase dedicated to validating client requirements and producing a prototype solution with a second step centred on business modelling.

We believe in personalised support for each idea: from its origins in design thinking and qualitative validation, the program has now evolved to include notions of behavioural economics, ecosystem mapping and triple bottom line calculations of viability and sustainability. Its core mission, however, remains the same: identifying and developing the ideas with the potential to build a smarter, more sustainable future for our clients and communities.


Our Accelerator series is dedicated to fast-tracking go-to market for innovations which share three core characteristics: technical feasibility, desirability (proven market demand) and viability (sustainable design and business model). Each 3 to 6-month accelerator is tailored to a specific theme. This year we have chosen two areas closely connected to our mission and DNA: client-centric innovation and carbon neutral solutions.

Our innovation accelerators combine a deep focus on design thinking and quantitative validation with practical tools for prototyping and testing, as well as an open innovation module designed to bring external inspiration.