Smart Melody: 4 digital innovations on the business fast-track!

The 3rd season of Smart Melody helps develop 4 global innovation projects around the world.

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Four innovation projects aligned to the Energies & Services Division’s digitalisation strategy will move to the business development phase of our global Smart Melody programme.

Each year, Smart Melody offers personal support for collaborators with innovative projects to more efficiently structure, pace, and develop their ideas. During each year’s Demo Day, teams pitch their innovation projects to a global selection panel. The executive decision-makers focus on four key criteria: validated customer and user demand, technical feasibility, economic viability and sustainability. During this 3rd season, four projects passed the test, and will now benefit from access to resources to help grow their project into a true business offer before the end of the year.

Here are the projects that will be moving to the business support phase:

The project teams will now focus on developing and validating their business plans before presenting once again to the executive committee on Biz Day later this year.

smart melody

Now more than ever, Smart Melody’s stakes are in transforming our innovation projects into value for our clients.

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