An industrial renaissance in the making?

Interview with Olivier Lluansi, Partner at PwC Strategy

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What place does industry have in our economy?

The last 50 years have seen the de-industrialisation of the West and economic growth based on services. The end of this cycle is becoming increasingly clear, with a significant reindustrialisation of Europe expected. But we cannot go back to the 1950s, rather we are building a new industrial landscape that is more connected and intelligent, and above all more sustainable.

What are the main sectors that will drive the world towards industrial regeneration?

There are 14 strategic ecosystems for Europe. Certain areas such as microelectronics, hydrogen, cloud systems and health are essential sectors where we must focus and combine our efforts.

Where is industry heading in the future?

Long neglected, industry is back in the spotlight, but in a completely different way. Industry in the future will doubtless be about “ever less” after having been about “ever more”. Digitalisation and decarbonisation will be two mainstays of our economic reindustrialisation.

What is industry’s role in decarbonising our society?

It will be hard to achieve “carbon neutrality” without asking companies to make drastic efforts. The main challenges for industry in the future are zero waste, zero natural resources, zero carbon and zero artificial development. 70% of the changes will come from industry-generated technology, the only kind that can be scaled up.

What impact is industry digitalisation having?

We are starting to digitise all products. The ‘on top’ service of manufactured products will be the value of the future: digitalisation will mean more services, therefore more added value and less competition.

The evolution of digitalization

« Most of the progress in energy savings will come from industry. As integrators and providers of solutions for digitising production lines, we have a role to play in decarbonising industry »

Pierre Vanstoflegatte
Managing Director of the Energy & Services division and Chairman of Bouygues Energies & Services

Olivier Lluansi, partner at PwC Strategy, is a recognised expert in industrial sectors and a former member of the Territoires d’industrie team. He helps industrial group managers define their strategy and implement their transformation programmes. Here he shares his analysis of the challenges the industry must tackle to ensure its future.

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