World tour of shared innovation: a 5-part series

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Meet our innovation community in France, the UK, Germany, Canada and Switzerland through a series of 5 videos. All the countries in which Bouygues Construction’s Energy & Services division is well established! Find out what projects our teams are working on to build increasingly innovative solutions for our clients.

Innovating for continual improvement

First stop, Canada! We meet Glen Landry, Vice Chairman and head of our Plan Group business. Plan Group is about to launch its own innovation platform, inspired by a reality show that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Find out how Plan Group’s innovation represents a firm commitment to continual improvement and better results.

Glen Landry, Plan Group

Helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint

Our next stop is Germany, where our Kraftanlagen teams are helping to develop solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of their customers. We talk to our expert Florian Stoeger, head of engineering and digitalisation for the Industry business unit.

Florian Stoeger, Kraftanlagen / BU industrie

Building Operating System central to our innovation projects

In France, Bruno Chiron, in charge of convergent IP projects at Bouygues Energies & Services, presents his vision of shared innovation. Bruno is working on a strategic project: the BOS (Building Operating System), the new operating system for our buildings! This middleware is the interface between the building equipment and the different systems, sensors, external applications, etc.

Bruno Chiron, Bouygues Energies & Services France

We then head to Switzerland to talk to Robert Sigrist, Head of Innovation and Business Development. Here too, the Building Operating System (BOS) is central to innovation projects. Find out his view of shared innovation, which emerges on the ground through interactions with our customers.

Robert Sigrist, Bouygues Energies & Services Switzerland

To conclude this world tour of innovation, we head to the UK where we interviewed Aurélie Marais, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Bouygues Construction UK. Take a look at the Building Operating System (BOS) at Becket House, our London office.

Aurélie Marais, Bouygues Construction UK

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